Monday, October 28, 2013

Dave Gordon vs. Azroy Kandan (2013 President's Challenge Round 1)

Here are my annotations from my recent game with Dave:
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Comments anyone?


  1. In the Bxd5 variation the correct move I think is Rxd5. cxd5?? is not so great after Bc7, forking the rook and queen. and white trades his bishop for the black rook. White would then clearly be winning.

    1. Ah yes... You're right! I did see that variation earlier, and forgot about it. So if 19. Bxd5, Rxd5 is actually forced. Black has a pawn majority on the Queen-side, but White has strong central control. At least Black has counterplay in this variation..But I do think White can get a comfortable position if he can maneuver the bishop to f2, as in the previous 18.Bg3 variation mentioned earlier.