Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Spring Rapids (Final Event)

Congratulations to John Lukezich who won our Spring Rapid Tournament with 5/6 points.

Congratulations also to Alex Chan and Euan Hughes, who tied for second place with 4 ½ points.

This was our final event of the 2014-2015 season.

Everybody reading this page is invited to come to our next meeting on Monday September 14that 7.15 p.m. – You are welcome to just drop in to the meeting at 484 Albert Street, (in the church hall behind Princess Street United Church), or contact John Lukezich for more information: email or call 613-634-8419.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Eastern Ontario Student Chess Results

The 2015 EASTERN ONTARIO YOUTH CHESS TOURNAMENT, was held on Sunday April 12th at H.M.C.S. Cataraqui, the Naval Reserve training building in Kingston.

The tournament attracted 110 students, from the Kingston – Belleville - Ottawa area.

The medal winners were:

Grade 1
Gold          Xander Villeneuve                 Polson Park P.S., Kingston
Silver        Ethan Wowk                         Truedell P.S., Kingston

Grade 2
Gold          Jacob Isotale                        Winston Churchill P.S, Kingston
Silver        Jack Ambrose                       Lancaster Drive P.S., Kingston
Silver        Scotia Zuber                         R.G. Sinclair P.S, Kingston

Grade 3
Gold          Noah Borges                        Lancaster Drive P.S., Kingston
Silver        Jack Burt                              Lancaster Drive P.S., Kingston
Silver        Noah Chan                           Lancaster Drive P.S., Kingston
Silver        Makaio Lieberman-Smith      École Madeleine-de-Roybon, Kingston

Grade 4
Gold          Edward Li                            Lancaster Drive P.S., Kingston
Silver        Rayleigh Cao                       Centennial P.S, Kingston
Silver        Sophie Profit                        Albert College, Belleville
Silver        Owen Seal                           Polson Park P.S., Kingston
Bronze      Evan Ingham                       Polson Park P.S., Kingston

Grade 5
Gold          Max Klichlein                       Rideau P.S., Kingston
Silver        Livi Prost                             Rideau P.S., Kingston
Bronze      Lev Stefanovich-Thomson    Rideau P.S., Kingston

Grade 6
Gold          Arman Azroy                       Winston Churchill P.S., Kingston

Grade 7
Gold          Euan Hughes                      Calvin Park P.S., Kingston
Silver        Dhauv Patel                        Calvin Park P.S., Kingston
Bronze      Connor Shorts                     Bayridge P.S., Kingston

Grade 8
Gold          Alex Chan                           Calvin Park P.S., Kingston

Grade 9
Gold         Savannah Young                  Home Schooled, Kingston

Grade 10
Gold         Joshua Vollebregt                L.C.V.I., Kingston

Grade 11
Gold         Gaffer Othman                     L.C.V.I., Kingston

The number of medal winners depended in part on the number of entries in each Grade.
The Gold and Silver medalists normally go on to compete in the ONTARIO CHESS CHALLENGE, which will be held in Toronto on Sunday April 19th. - The Provincial Champion in each Grade then plays in the CANADIAN CHESS CHALLENGE, which will be held in Quebec City, at the end of May.

The tournament was organized by KINGSTON SCHOOLS CHESS, which is most grateful for the assistance given by HMCS CATARAQUI, Tim Hortons, many teachers and parents, and by volunteers from the KINGSTON CHESS CLUB who share their love of the game with younger players at this annual event.

For more information please call Chris Hargreaves at 613 389 8993.