Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Challenge from CXR Chess

We have a challenge issued by the CXR Chess to help them improve their rating system:

"The first player currently on the Kingston Chess Club roster who plays a minimum of 8 games (not including bye's or forfeits) in one or more large chess tournaments with at least 30 players in his or her section (i.e. NO QUADS), outside of Kingston  (e.g. Ottawa, Toronto, Kenora, Chicago, etc.), and whose game results have been properly and promptly reported to CXR, will earn an uncirculated, one ounce, silver, Kookaburra coin from Australia."

So anyone interested in accepting the offer, just send my your games from any tournament (from an EOCA tournament). We will need the following:

  • Color you played
  • Rating of opponent
  • Results (Win, Loss or Draw)

You would need to report all your games for a particular tournament (not just your wins), and I would report them to CXR on your behalf.

Do let me know if you're interested!

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