Friday, September 7, 2012

Kingston Junior Chess Club 2012/2013

Welcome to the Kingston Junior Chess Club.
We play chess each Monday night from 6 – 7pm at the Princess St. United Church.
This Church is located at the corner of Princess at Albert St. Please use the Back Ramp.
The membership fee will be $60.00 for the season.
The season runs from Sept 10, 2012 to April 29, 2013
Good Game to you all and have a good season.

Tournament Dates (Juniors)

Sept 10 - Welcome back all players… Open night…
Sept 17 - This night will start the first tournament game.

This is our Fall Classic 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament. Round 1
The winner receives a trophy, 2nd and 3rd receive medals.
The person that wins will also get their name on the large trophy.

Sept 24 - Round 2
Oct 1 - Tournament continues. Round 3
Oct 8No chess Thanksgiving Monday
Oct 15 - Round 4
Oct 22 - Round 5
Oct 29 - Tonight starts our Crazy Mixed-Up 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament.

We will also be handing out trophies and medals from the last tournament
Round 1 - The winner receives a trophy, 2nd and 3rd receive medals.
The person that wins will also get their name on the large trophy.

Nov 5 - Round 2
Nov 12 - Ted Hsu (our member of parliament) may be coming out to host the juniors to a game???
Nov 19 - Round 3
Nov 26 - Round 4
Dec 3 - Round 5
Dec 10Holiday Season Party… Once again this year we will be having a POT LUCK meal.

Please let Harry know what you’ll be able to bring as far as food and drinks go.
Trophy for the Crazy Mixed Up winner.

Open night for junior players.

Dec 17 - Open night
Dec 24 – 31 closed NO CHESS for either of these Monday nights. Happy Holidays
Jan 7, 2013 - Welcome Back. Open Chess tonight.
Jan 14Spring Classic 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament.

Round 1
This is played within your ratings group. Last year we played one group under 1000 rating points and one group rated over 1000 points. Players who wish to play in the over 1000 point that have a rating that is below 1000 points are welcome to do so. The player who wins their group will receive a trophy… 2nd and 3rd place will receive a medal. The person that wins the over 1000 will also get their name on the large trophy.

Jan 21 - Round 2
Jan 28 - Round 3
Feb 4 - Round 4
Feb 11 - Round 5
Feb 18 - No chess Family Day
Feb 25 - Tonight starts the Team Chess Tournament. Round 1

This will be a 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament, but played with your team mates.
The winning Team will each receive a trophy and get their names on the large trophy.

Mar 4 - Round 2
Mar 11 - No Chess… March Break
Mar 18 - Round 3
Mar 25 - Round 4
Apr 1 - Easter Monday No Chess
Apr 8 - Round 5

In view of the fact that the 2013 Ontario Chess Challenge is scheduled for April 21st. in Toronto. The Eastern Ontario Chess Challenge will be held on Sunday April 14th.

Apr 15 - Open Night… We will also be handing out trophies from the last tournament.
Apr 22 - Open Night
Apr 29 - End of Year Pizza Party…

Parents are asked to sit on the perimeter of the room during tournament play.
If the players have an issue I would ask them to put up their hand so we can deal with the issue right away. If you wait until the end of the game it will be too late to deal with and the game may not count for either player.
If I have to ask your child to behave they maybe asked not to come back for the rest of that tournament…
Important notice:
The junior players will need to be picked up no later then 7:10 pm.
If you can’t pick your child up by this time please let myself, Harry, know that you may be late.
The senior club will start at 7:15pm.
If your child would like to play in the senior club they may join.

For more info, click here: Basic Tournament Info.

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