Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Open Final Round Pairings

Below are the pairings for the final round in the 2012 Peter Sibbald Spring Open.  This is also the final round of the current chess season.

As a reminder to all, 30 Apr 12 will be the closing party.  This event will consist of open chess games, food and handing out the trophy's to all the tournament winners.  There will also be a trophy for the most improved player and a new trophy this year the Grand Aggregate.
Here are the tournament's final pairings:

Rd. 5 Pairings
Wayne Coppin (4.0)
Sid Anjilvel (3.0)
Azroy Kandan (3.0)
Peter Sibbald (3.0)
Dave Gordon (3.0)
Jay Serdula (2.0)
John Lukezich (2.0)
Jeff Mann (1.0)
Harry Jordan (2.0)
Brian Murray (2.0)
Roman Polywkan (2.0)
Alex Chan (2.0)
David Chan (1.0)
Arman Azroy (1.0)
Chris Hargreaves (1.0)
Huxley Anjilvel (1.0)

1-point BYE: David Greenland

- TD Brian Murray


  1. Darn... I was hoping I would play Wayne in the last round, and personally contest his solo win for the tournament. Looks like that's up to Sid now. And I'll have a tough match ahead against the highest rated player in the tournament, Peter. It's gonna be a tough battle for second place.

  2. According to Sid (I suspect), it is far from a done deal on Brd 1 either. :-) BTW - I have some brief notes to my Rd. 4 game ready and will soon provide a few thoughts to add to Brian's notes on the previous game vs. Peter. Hopefully a few members might be also be interested in one of the player's perspective\speculation. - W.