Friday, April 27, 2012

Chess Club Monday April 30th - Circular Chess

According to our Chess Club blog, Monday is: "the Pizza Party. Please come at 6:30 pm to enjoy pizza, fun games, and trophies to be awarded to winners."

On the way out after last Monday's meeting, I commented that in the spirit of "fun games", I should bring my circular chess set!

Circular Chess involves 4 teams of players, each playing with two sets, set up back-to-back, and playing in opposite directions!

This had some people intrigued, and also suggestions that I distribute the rules before Monday night!

Attached are a picture of the board, and a copy of the instruction sheet. - Please note that this game was marketed to teachers under the tradename "Pi",  as an educational resource. The instructions therefore often refer to Pi, students, and a classroom, but I reckon you should be able to adapt to this if you can cope with the rest of the game.

I hope there will be four people on Monday who have read the instructions, and are interested in being team captains, so we can try this out.


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