Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KCC Championship Rd. 5 Pairings

Rd. 5 Pairings
White Pieces---Black Pieces

Peter Sibbald (4.0)---Sid Anjilvel (3.0)
Azroy Kandan (3.0)---Wayne Coppin (2.5)
Dave Gordon (2.5)---Brian Murray (2.5)
John Lukezich (2.0)---David Chan (2.5)
Alex Chan (2.0)---Harry Jordan (2.0)
Roman Polywkan (1.5)---Richard Marais (2.0)
Jeff Mann (1.0)---Arman Azroy (1.0)
1 pt BYE: Huxley Anjilvel (0.0)
0.5 pt BYE: Chris Hargreaves (0.5)

NOTE: There will be a 6th Round on February 13, before we break on February 20 for a statutory holiday. No byes will be accepted on the final round. Good luck on Monday!

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