Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Basic Tournament Info for Juniors

Chess Terms That You May Hear
Casual Chess - play and just have fun
Simultaneous - One or more of the senior players will be playing the junior club all at the same time.
Tournament - Players will play 1- 6 games...Depending on time and event.

Rules and Regulation of the Kingston Junior Chess Club
I Would at this time like to ask you read this document. Please ask me questions on anything that you don't understand. As well, please explain these rules to your child /children and ask them if they have any questions. Again let me know if you or your child have any questions, I would like to clear anything up before we start the year.
Not all rules are listed. Nor do I know all the rules. If something comes up that I don't know the answer too, I will do my best to find the answer. This may include talking with one or more of the senior players. This may also include making a decision based on what make sense to me. I maybe wrong. Your child may lose a tournament because of the decision I make. I would ask you to understand that Ifm doing my best in the interest of all the junior players.
Chess is called a gentleman's game. Because of this I will ask you not to laugh at any questions or ideas that a player may have. We are all here to learn and have fun. I would ask that you help one another. We can all become stronger players by helping each other.
Before and after your game you should shake hands with your opponent. This shows good sportsmanship.
I would like to encourage everyone to come out to play the wonderful game of chess but, if you are not coming to the chess club to play chess please stay home. Other years I've had to deal with players running around, I will not be dealing with this issue any more, I will ask your parents to keep you home...
There are no refunds.
Do you have to play in the tournaments? No, but, please don't distract the people that are in the tournament.

Tournament play
If you are new to the club you will be starting with a rating of 1000 points.
We play TOUCH MOVE... this means you touch the piece you move it unless it's an illegal move.
Please show up each night. If you cannot show up please let Harry know in advance.
In the last 10 minutes of the evening you maybe place on a timer. each player will be given 5 minutes. You must push, not hit, your clocks button with the same hand you move with. The person playing black will determine which side the clock goes on.
Questions and\or issues will be dealt with as they arise. Please put your hand up if you have a question. Coming to me after the game is finished or after the player have a few more moves will not help me understand the problem, please get my attention right away so I can help with the problem right there and then.
Parents must wait on the side lines. There can be no hint of distraction to either player during a tournament game. Your child may lose the game if you cause any type of interference.

Tournament Points Scoring
3 points - for a win.
3 points - for showing up and not getting a game. The player with the lowest rating will be asked to sit out for one game if there is an uneven amount of players. If the same thing happens throughout the whole tournament, the following week, the next lowest rated player will not get a game. I will have something else planned for the player to do.
2 points - for a draw.
1 point - for a loss.
1/2 point - point for letting Harry know in advance that you will not make a game. 1/2 points are not allowed in the final 2 rounds.
0 points - for not showing up.
Unless you are both recording the game the 3 move repeated position will not count. If you feel that your opponent is just making the same move forcing you to make the same move let me know and I'll make a ruling on the game.
Because we use tournament rankings to determine who plays whom, it's fair to say that the winner of the Fall Classic will probably not have lost a game. Second place is always up for grabs, as this player may have only lost one game and someone else may have only lost one game, these players will be tied for second place. Third will work the same way and so on.

What happens if a game is draw?
This is a very good question and one that is not answered easily.
Because we must finish the tournament on time, the day its scheduled to end, it's important to note when the draw takes place. If the draw takes place the week before the last game then the draw will remove the two players from playing for the championship (in the week before we finish the tournament, we could have only 4 players that have won all the games, by removing the 2 players that drew it will leave only 2 players left, they would be playing for the championship a week before the final round). If the final game ends in a draw we could end up with a 3 or 4 way co-championship.

What if in the second last week we have only 3 undefeated players?
In the event that this happens I will bring in one player that has lost the least amount of games, this player will be the highest rated player available.
When playing on the clock you must try and win the game or I could declare the game a draw. You can not simply run your opponent out of time, you must show that you know how to win the game.

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