Monday, September 4, 2017

Welcome Juniors to the 2017-2018 Season

Here's a message from Harry Jordan posted on our Facebook Group:

Hello everyone:

We trust you all had a great summer, and with the summer coming to an end you’re thinking about the Kingston chess club.
As you know we have both a junior and senior chess club in Kingston. Both clubs will be starting back on September 11, 2017.
For the junior club:
We will be at the Princess Street United Church, The Chess Club, from 5:30 PM on Monday, September 11 to start registration. After that the junior club will start at 6pm. (please note we are only here at 5:30pm on the first Monday.)
The senior club will start at 7:15 PM right after the junior club. We asked that all members who are not playing in the senior tournaments be picked up by 7:15pm.
If your child will not be attending the junior chess club this year; please feel free to pass on our information on to other children, so that they may know about and have fun playing chess this year. The same goes for the senior club; please feel free to pass our information on.
Below is an overview of when we’ll be playing each tournament. As well, we have posted all the dates we will be closed, not to mention the Christmas pizza party, and pizza party at the end of the year.
The date of the chess camp will also be posted.
Some general rules. 

If you have an issue / problem during the game, please either come and talk with Dave or Harry, or put your hand up and someone will come to help you. If you wait until the game is over, it will be too late to help you.
We play touch move. That means if you touch the piece you must move that piece, unless it’s an illegal move.
No one will tell you if you have checkmate, you should know.
Parents are asked to sit on the perimeter of the room during tournament play. If you need to speak with a junior player please ask Dave or Harry for help. 
If I have to ask your child to behave, they may be suspended for the rest of that tournament…
We hope you all have a great 2017 – 118 and we hope to see you at the chess club.

Yours in chess:
Harry Jordan and Dave Gordon.

Welcome to the Kingston Junior / Senior Chess Club.

We play chess each Monday night from 6 – 7pm at the Princess St. United Church. Senior meet from 7:15 until end of game.
This Church is located at the corner of Princess at Albert St. Please use the Back Ramp.
The membership fee will be $70.00 for the season. If you play in the senior club there will be a $7.00 rating fee payable once a season. Total cost to play in both clubs $77.00
The junior chess club season runs from Sept 11, 2017 to April 16th. 2018…

Tournament Dates

Sept 11
Welcome back all players… Open night…
Sept 18 will start the first tournament game. 
This is our Fall Classic 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament. There will be 2 point byes in the first 3 rounds. No byes in the last 2 rounds. The winner receives a trophy, 2nd and 3rd receive medals. The person that wins this tournament will have their name engraved on the large trophy.
Sept 18 Round 1
Sept 25 Round 2
Oct 2 Round 3
Oct 9 No chess Thanksgiving Monday 
Oct 16 Round 4 
Oct 23 Round 5 No byes in the last 2 rounds.
Oct 30 Round 6 Tournament ends
Nov 6 starts our Crazy Mixed-Up Tournament this will be a 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament. There will be 2 point byes in the first 3 rounds. The winner receives a trophy. The person that wins will have their name engraved on the large trophy.
Nov 6 Round 1 
Nov 13 Round 2
Nov 20 Round 3 
Nov 27 Round 4 No byes in the last 2 rounds.
Dec 4 Round 5… Second Tournament ends tonight.
Dec 11 Open Night… Holiday Season Pizza Party… 
Dec 18 – Jan 1 Please note there is NO CHESS for the junior club only 
Closed: NO CHESS for the next 3 Monday nights. Happy Holidays

Welcome Back. Team Chess Tournament… This will be a 6 Round Swiss Style Tournament, but played with your team mates. Each person on the winning Team will each receive a trophy and have their names engraved on the large trophy.
Jan 8 Round 1
Jan 15 Round 2
Jan 22 Round 3
Jan 29 Round 4
Feb 5 Round 5… No byes in the last 2 rounds.
Feb 12 Round 6… Last Round
Feb 19 No chess... Family Day.
Starting on Feb 26th. The Spring Classic 5 Round Swiss Style Tournament. This is played within your ratings group. Last year we played one group under 1000 rating points and one group rated over 1000 points. Players who are rated under 1000 who wish to play in the over 1000 point may do so. You may not play under your rating. The player who wins their group will receive a trophy… 2nd and 3rd place will receive a medal. The person who wins the over 1000 rating points will have their name engraved on the large trophy.
Feb 26 Round 1
Mar 5 Round 2
Mar 12 No Chess… March Break...... 
Did you sign up for the 1 day chess camp? Chess camp will be held on Wednesday March 14. From 10am – 4pm... Bring your friends and family. The cost is $25.00 for club members and $30.00 for non-members. Everyone must sign a waiver stating that their child will be attending the chess camp and give an emergency contact phone number.
Mar 19 Round 3 
Mar 26 Round 4 … No byes in the last 2 rounds.
April 2 This is Easter Monday… No Chess
April 9 Round 5. Last round.
April 16 We will be having our End of Year Pizza Party On April 16, 2018… The junior club ends on this date.
Starting April 16, the senior club would like to invite all junior club players to join them in a tournament, over the next 5 weeks to play in the En Passant Tournament. Each game will start at 730pm and will be over by 930pm.
April 16 RD 1 
April 23 RD 2
April 30 RD 3
May 7 RD 4
May 14 RD 5… Last Game
We’d like to wish everyone Good Game and a great season of chess.
So that I have your email address please sent me an email. (Please put the Subject “Chess” or I will not open the email.
Even if you’ve given your email to me in the past, please resend it. Thanks… Please note that my email address has 2 nn’s in it. 
You may also get in contact with either myself, Harry at: 613-634-3476 or Dave 613-547- 9176
If any one is interested in private lessons; please get in touch with myself or Dave Gordon.

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