Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chess at the Kingston City Park

As discussed at the last chess club meeting, for those interested in playing some chess over the summer, Arman and I will be at the Kingston City Park on Sunday May 5 @ 5 pm, for come casual chess. We'll have 2 chess sets with us (so bring your own set if you have one). We will be near the splash pad. See map below:


  1. i'm new to chess and would like to get together over the summer months. please post dates for PUBLIC chess sessions well in advance. thank you

  2. Hi there... Thanks for your interest in joining us.

    Our meetings at the Kingston City Park over the summer months are impromptu. Not sure we can post anything well in advance. But if you want to meet on specific dates, you can let me know here, and we can meet you there. I'm usually there on Sundays around 5 or 5:30 pm with my son (who also plays chess), unless it's wet/raining. We'll usually stay till about 6 or 7 (maybe even later), depending on who comes.

    Can you come out this Sunday?

  3. Are you still doing the chess sessions? I'm fairly new and want to get into the whole chess club stuff, and casual play

  4. Hi Jakob,

    We don't have a fixed schedule for meeting at the park. We were there today, and last week. We'll hopefully meet more regularly moving forward. Come join us next week if you can.