Monday, April 29, 2013

Key Decisions for 2013-2014

Thank you to all for attending the 2012/2013 Year-End Party (except that there was no pizza left by the time the senior club members arrived). Here are some of the decisions we made today:

Etiquette for Missing Tournament Rounds

When possible, players will advise the tournament director (TD) if/when the player will not be able to make it to a tournament round, at least ONE-WEEK in advance. The TD will post pairings the club website on Wednesdays, so players must inform the TD before then, in order for the game to be re-paired.

If a player is unable to inform TD of his/her absence prior to the Wednesday before the tournament round, the player must contact both the TD and the opponent, and re-schedule the game to a mutually agreed upon time. Please consult your TD with questions.

If you miss a round, and do not inform the TD or your opponent, you will receive a loss by forfeit, which counts as a regular loss (i.e. ratings will be adjusted accordingly).

To facilitate communication, we will be collecting contact information from all members at the start of the 2013-2014 season.

Events for 2013-2014

We will have 5 tournaments for 2013-2014 (just like for 2012-2013). List is as follows (dates are tentative):

Tournament Name
Jim Cairns Memorial Swiss
Sept 16 – Oct 21
President’s Challenge
Oct 28 – Dec 2
4-players per section
Double Round-Robin
Kingston Chess Club Championship
Jan 6 – Feb 3
KCC Rapid
Feb 10 – Mar 3
Single Section
Advanced Swiss
Spring Open / Spring Robin
Mar 17 – Apr 21
6 players per section

Determining the Grand Aggregate Winner

The winner of the 2013-2014 Grand Aggregate winner will simply be determined by the number of games won.

Chess over the Summer

For those who are interested in playing chess over the summer, you can contact your fellow chess club members via CXR Chess for a game. We will be posting instructions online later this week. In the meantime, I do plan to play at the Kingston City Park on Sunday afternoons around 5 pm. I will post another announcement once that plan has been confirmed.

Cash Prizes

We decided NOT to introduce cash prizes for the 2013-2014 season. We are however hoping to organize the Kingston Open in early December, as part of the Eastern Ontario Chess Association Grand Prix. We will revisit the feasibility of a cash tournament for 2014-2015 at the end of the season.

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