Monday, January 7, 2013

KCC Championship Round 1 Results


Thanks for coming out. We had an even 16 players today. We had an upset on Board 2 after a blunder by White. We also had a very interesting draw on on board 7.

Here are the results of Round 1:

Round 1 Results
Azroy Kandan
1 – 0
Roman Polywkan
Alex Chan
0 – 1
Dave Gordon
Sid Anjilvel
0 – 1
David Greenland
Ian Birch
0 – 1
Harry Jordan
John Lukezich
1 – 0
Arman Azroy
Huxley Anjilvel
0 – 1
David Chan
Sean George
½ - ½
Alex Beamish
Kevin MacDonald
0 – 1
Chris Hargreaves

If you're going to miss next week, please let me know IMMEDIATELY, or you will receive a 0-point bye. If you're thinking of joining us next week, please let me know as soon as possible as well. I will post pairings for next week shortly.

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