Monday, November 12, 2012

President's Challenge Round 2 Results

Hello all. We had 2 no-shows today. If you can't make it, please let your TD know, so that we can pair everyone who is present. That way, we don't have players who make the effort to come, but don't have anyone to play with. Next week, Jay Serdula has requested a BYE. Anybody else needing a BYE please let me know ASAP.

Here are the results for Round 2:

Round 2 Results
David Chan
½ – ½
Azroy Kandan
Jay Serdula
1 – 0
Huxley Anjilvel
Kevin Macdonald
0 – 1
Dave Gordon
Sid Anjilvel
1 – 0
Alex Beamish
Lorenz Paulsen
0F – 1
Peter Sibbald
Alex Chan
1 – 0
John Lukezich
Arman Azroy
0 – 1
Sean George
Roman Polywkan
1 – 0
Steve Hughes
David Greenland
0F – 1
Stephen Laughren

My laptop died on me recently, so I need to get a new license key to install SwissSys for pairing purposes. I should have Round 3 pairings by Tuesday or Wednesday. That'll hopefully allow some extra time for players to let me know if they can't make it next week. But from the results this week, you can sort of tell who'll be playing who next week.

Cross tables have been updated as well. Thanks!

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