Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Open Round 2 Results

Hello all,

There were a couple of upsets this round. Alex Chan managed to beat higher rated opponent, Chris Hargreaves. And 5th-seed Sid Anjilvel beat 2nd-seed Azroy Kandan (a.k.a. myself). Congratulations to the winners!

We also had a late entry, Jeff Mann who played against Huxley Anjilvel, who would otherwise have received a one-point bye. Big thanks to Brian for making the appropriate adjustments.

Results are below:

Rd. 2 Pairings
Peter Sibbald (1.0)
1 – 0
Dave Gordon (1.0)
Sid Anjilvel (1.0)
1 – 0
Azroy Kandan (1.0)
Harry Jordan (1.0)
 0 – 1
Wayne Coppin (1.0)
Brian Murray (0.0)
1 – 0
Roman Polywkan (1.0)
Arman Azroy (0.0)
0 – 1
John Lukezich (0.0)
David Greenland (0.0)
0 – 1F
David Chan (0.0)
Chris Hargreaves (0.0)
 0 – 1
Alex Chan (0.0)
Jeff Mann (0.0)
1 – 0
Huxley Anjilvel (0.0)
0.5-point BYE: Jay Serdula (0.5)

Note also, from this point forward, the first board game will be annotated by a volunteer (unless appointed by Brian). This week, Huxley will be annotating Peter Sibbald's win against Dave Gordon. Let us know if you'd like to annotate next week's first board game. As always, I will be posting my own annotated games on my website, if you're curious. Link is below:

The chess club committee members will be meeting this Thursday at 8pm. If anybody has anything that you'd like us to discuss, please let one of us know. We'll be posting the pairings for round 3 later this week.

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