Thursday, January 26, 2012

The James Cairns Memorial Fall Swiss - 2011

Congratulations to co-champions Azroy Kandan and Jay Serdula who both finished with 5/6 in the first Dr James Cairns Memorial.

The event saw a number of late round forfeits which hopefully can be avoided in the future through better planning by the players.

Our next event, "The President's Challenge", starts next Monday November 14, leaving no time for our co-champions to rest on their laurels. It will be a 5 round event so please plan accordingly. All games start at 7:15 pm. Each player is allowed two 1/2 point byes. There are no points given for any byes taken in the last round. Games are 100 minutes sudden death. Good Sportsmanship towards your opponent is of course expected. - TD Brian Murray

2011 James Cairns Memorial Fall Swiss

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