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The Kingston Chess Club meets in the Princess Street United Church at 484 Albert (600 block of Princess Street). We meet Monday evenings: the Juniors (18 years old and under) from 6:00p - 7:00p and the Senior club from 7:15p - 11:00p commencing the first Monday after Labour Day in September through the month of April. (NOTE: this could be extended through May if there is sufficient interest) We observe all legal holidays.


There are many ways to contact us here at the Kingston Chess Club. The best way is to simply drop in on us at the club on Monday night. Visitors are always welcome. Feel free to bring a friend!

If visiting us in person is inconvenient, the following members will be happy to answer your questions. They are experienced, knowledgeable and quite willing to help. If they cannot answer your questions, they will certainly make every effort to direct you to someone who can.

  • Roman Polywkan, President (EMAIL:
  • Harry Jordan, Junior Coordinator (EMAIL:
  • John Lukezich (EMAIL: TEL: 613-634-8419)

You may also e-mail the Webmaster. Your queries remain completely confidential.


The club season is divided into two sessions. The fees for each session are:

  • Senior membership $70.00 PER YEAR (in advance) or $35.00 per session.
  • Senior members must also pay $8 for CXR Chess Membership per year.
  • Junior membership $60.00 PER YEAR (per child).
  • You may try the chess club for 1 night, free of charge.

NOTE: If a junior player wishes to play in the senior club the fee will be $70.00 per person. This will entitle you to play in BOTH the junior and senior clubs. The junior player must also pay for the 1-year membership to CXR Chess.

  • President: Roman Polywkan
  • Vice President: vacant
  • Past President: Dave Gordon
  • Treasurer: John Lukezich
  • Junior Coordinator: Harry Jordan
  • Secretary: vacant

NOTE: All Club Executive positions are elected (except the Past President, of course). Should you wish to stand for election to any of the Executive positions, please review the Club Constitution for details then make your intent known to any Executive member at least two meetings prior to the Annual General Meeting. We encourage democratic participation.



Kingston Chess Club.


The Kingston Chess Club (KCC) exists to promote chess, to provide opportunities for play, and to organize competitions. The KCC aims to improve the level of play of its members by engaging in various activities including, but not limited to: teaching, simultaneous exhibitions and lectures. The KCC is to provide a forum for chess players to meet each other and to share information about chess.


A. Any person regardless of age, gender, race, or ability to play may become a member of the KCC.

B. Rights and Responsibilities:

Members have the following rights:
  • to participate in all club activities under the conditions set by the Executive.
  • to vote in all general and regular meetings.
Members have the following responsibilities:
  • To uphold the Constitution.
  • To pay their annual dues in a timely manner as determined by the Executive.
  • To behave in a sporting manner, to treat other members in a respectful and cordial manner.
  • Not to partake in illegal acts in and during club activities.
  • To abide by the laws of chess.
C. Visitors have the same rights and responsibilities as regular members excluding right two and may be charged for participating in club activities.

D. Members and visitors found to be in violation of the constitution by the Executive may be subject to the following procedure:
  • a verbal warning from the Executive
  • a written warning from the Executive.
  • cancellation of membership and expulsion from the Club.

A. Annual General Members' Meeting: the annual general members' meeting shall be held at a location, time and date in September of each year as determined by the Executive or as soon as possible thereafter for the purpose of hearing and receiving the reports and statements required by the KCC at an annual meeting, electing the Executive, and for the transaction of other business as may be properly brought before the meeting.

B. Quorum at the annual general meeting shall comprise one third of the eligible members of KCC. A resolution will be considered adopted if voted for by a majority of those present at the meeting.

C. The KCC shall have a regular meeting, preferably at least once a week, at a time, place and location as determined by the Executive with the agreement of the members for the purpose of play or decision making.

D. Quorum for the purpose of decision making at a regular meeting shall comprise one third of those eligible to vote. A resolution will be considered adopted if voted for by a majority of those present at the meeting.

E. A member unable to attend may vote by proxy.

F. Executive:
  1. The Executive shall be members of the KCC and shall be elected by the members at the annual general meeting, with the exception of the Past President who will be a member of the Executive without Election.
  2. The Executive shall have the power to appoint and remove nonelected functionaries of the KCC.
  3. The Executive will consist of five members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.
  4. Duties of the Executive
    • call meetings, chair them and set the agenda
    • present the year end report
    • to actively promote the club and its activities
    • shall have all of the powers and perform all of the duties of the President in the absence of the President, together with other duties as may be assigned by the Executive
    • custodian of the books and accounting records
    • submit financial reports as requested by the Executive
    • shall collect dues and fees and make payments as required to cover expenses
    • keep a record of the minutes of all meetings
    • attend to correspondence
    • perform other duties as assigned by the Executive
Tournament Director
    • Organize and direct club tournaments including Whig-Standard and Club Championship
    • Report results to the CFC or En Passant as appropriate
Past President
    • to provide advice to the Executive
    • to perform other duties as assigned by the Executive

Signing authority shall reside with the Treasurer.


The constitution shall become effective upon adoption and shall not be amended, altered or repealed except under the following conditions:

  1. proposed amendments shall be presented at annual or special meetings
  2. proposed amendments shall be made available to all members at the two regular meetings in advance of the proposed meeting
  3. any change of the Executive, adopted by the majority vote of the members present at either an annual or special meeting shall become effective immediately, unless otherwise stipulated in the proposed change.

In the event of dissolution those monies accrued shall be awarded to one or more charitable causes chosen by the Executive.

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